For Sale

Ostuni, BR

  • Rif   665
  • 10 Compartments
  • 0 Rooms
  • 0 Bath
  • 430 Sqm
  • 0 Garage

Trattativa Riservata


Nestled amidst the rich history of Ostuni, this enchanting Masseriola, steeped in the heritage of the 17th century, invites you into a world of timeless beauty and captivating vistas. Just a leisurely stroll from the heart of the historic town, this stone-walled gem offers not just a home, but an experience that transcends time.

As you approach, the masseriola unveils its story through the weathered stones and ancient charm, a testament to centuries of Puglian history. The property's dual entrances beckon you into two distinct courtyards, providing a sense of privacy and tranquility within.

With a vision for a meticulous restoration that embraces the essence of the past while embracing modern comforts, the potential for this space is boundless. Imagine crafting a sanctuary where history and luxury intertwine seamlessly. A canvas where 5 to 7 opulent bedrooms, each adorned with its private en-suite, await, offering comfort and elegance in equal measure.

As you ascend, the rooftop terrace emerges, a crown jewel offering unrivaled panoramas. From the glistening expanse of the sea to the iconic silhouette of Ostuni's historic quarter, every vista is a masterpiece painted by nature itself. Here, evenings are kissed by the gentle sea breeze, and nights are adorned with a canvas of stars.

This is not just a property; it's an opportunity to shape a legacy, a retreat that stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Puglia. With a thoughtful touch, this Masseriola will not only become a home but an indelible part of the storied landscape of Ostuni.


  • Location: Ostuni, BR
  • Sqm: 430
  • Compartments: 10
  • Rooms: 0
  • Bath: 0
  • Price: Trattativa Riservata
  • Garage: 0
  • Ape: Non specificata
  • Cod: 665



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